Here’s a Great Lower Cost Alternative to an ObamaCare Plan (OneShare Health)

A very good non-ObamaCare option is the health care sharing ministry plan from OneShare Health, which is an affordable faith-based alternative to traditional insurance. These types of plans are becoming very popular all across the country. Through monthly contributions, members share one another’s eligible medical bills in support of the entire community. The monthly contributions are considerably less than what an ObamaCare monthly premium would cost.

Health care sharing ministry plans are not regulated by State insurance commissioners. Instead they are regulated by the US government’s Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, also known as CMS (which is overseen by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), the IRS, and State Attorneys General. These plans, while not considered insurance by state insurance commissioners (ask us why if this plan interests you), meet ObamaCare requirements.

OneShare’s ACA-exempt health care sharing program provides comprehensive health care benefits at a very affordable monthly cost. Their Classic Crown plan will share in pre-existing conditions for routine maintenance for the conditions of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and thyroid from day one in a doctor’s office, but they will not share in pre-existing conditions including emergency care until you’ve been a member for 24 months. After 24 months, your pre-existing conditions will be covered. And you can use ANY doctor and ANY hospital that you want, anywhere in the USA with no referrals needed.

This plan comes with an Individual Sharing Amount (or ISA; they don’t call it a deductible) of $5,000 per year which applies to hospitalization or surgical procedures. Preventive services are 100% eligible up to $1,000 per member per program year after a 180-day waiting period. From day one, primary care visits cost $40, urgent care and specialist visits cost $75, emergency room visits cost $500. This plan includes 24/7 telemedicine with a $0 visit fee. Maternity benefits are included. The lifetime maximum they will pay per member for medical bills is $1,000,000. This plan has a one-time application fee of $125, most of which they give away to various charities and ministries. Here is the link to download the Classic Crown brochure.

To be able to get the Classic Crown plan from OneShare you have to agree with their Statement of Beliefs which basically says you believe in God, that you believe your personal rights and liberties come from God, that you believe it is a spiritual duty to help your fellow man and that you should maintain a healthy lifestyle (you can’t be a smoker). We think the OneShare plan is a smart long term option for people without severe pre-existing conditions, but they do cover pre-existing conditions after you’ve been on the plan for 24 months.

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Author: Tony Lehrman
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