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Arizona Group Health Insurance - Employee Benefits

Lehrman Group represents all major insurance carriers that offer employer-based group health insurance plans in Arizona. We also provide a comprehensive range of ancillary benefits for you and your employees, including vision, dental, life insurance, short-term and long-term disability, pension, and profit sharing, ensuring all your health insurance needs are met.

The Smart Choice for Your Arizona Business’s Group Health Insurance Needs

Deciding which insurance agent to choose can make all the difference in providing your employees with the best health insurance plans. As a business owner in Arizona, you understand the importance of offering comprehensive health benefits to attract and retain top talent, and this is where Lehrman Group steps in as your trusted partner. With over three decades of experience, a broad network of insurance providers, and a client-focused approach, Lehrman Group is the smart choice for your group’s health insurance needs.

A Legacy of Excellence Since 1988 — 

Lehrman Group has been a cornerstone in Arizona’s health insurance landscape since 1988. Over the years, we have built a reputation for reliability, expertise, and exceptional customer service. Our long-standing presence in the market means we have navigated various changes in the health insurance industry and bring that wealth of knowledge to our clients. When you partner with Lehrman Group, you’re not just getting an insurance broker but a seasoned advisor dedicated to your business’s health insurance needs.

Did you know?

About 30% of your employees never even file a claim on the health insurance that you are paying for. We have a system to take advantage of that. If your group qualifies, using our strategies you can keep your same benefits and still save your business $1000 per employee per year over what you are spending now.

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Comprehensive Coverage Options — 

One of the key reasons why Lehrman Group is the preferred choice for businesses in Arizona is our extensive range of insurance plans. We represent every major insurance company in the state, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, United HealthCare, Cigna, Angle Health, Aetna, and more. This wide selection, coupled with our expertise, ensures that we can tailor a plan specifically to meet the unique needs of your business and your employees. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we have the confidence to match you with the perfect group health insurance plan.

If you would like to get rates for your group, please call us at (800) 600-9663, ext 19, or complete the form below. We’ll provide quotes from all available insurance companies offering employer-sponsored Arizona group health insurance plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees are required for a group plan?

A minimum of two employees are required to obtain employer sponsored health insurance in Arizona.

Can I offer employees multiple plans to choose from?

Yes, typically you can offer a choice of plans.

What sort of documentation is required to enroll?

Typically, articles of incorporation and your most recent Unemployment Tax & Wage report are the primary legal documents required on your end. Additionally, we’ll provide a number of enrollment forms for both employer and employee.

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