Short Term Health Insurance in ArizonaShort term health insurance plans are currently available in Arizona and provide temporary healthcare coverage for up to three years.

Family covered by Arizona health insurance plan
Lehrman Group has been a trusted provider and agent for individual and family health insurance plans in Arizona since 1988.

Short term health insurance plans are ideal for individuals who are between jobs, awaiting their group policy to kick in, or simply need to find an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance, including Obamacare plans.

Fill out the form below and we will email you rates for the short term plans that we recommend in your Zip code. Current plans are available from United Healthcare/ Golden Rule, Pivot Health, National General, and more.

  • Plans are available at any time during the year (there is no Open Enrollment period)
  • About 50% cheaper than AZ Obamacare plans if you make too much money to qualify for a tax subsidy
  • Temporary health insurance offers access to large PPO networks (including the Mayo Clinic, which does not currently accept any Obamacare plans)
  • Short term plans do not cover pre-existing conditions

Did you know?

Short term health insurance is an inexpensive alternative to traditional major medical health insurance. While it’s not a replacement for a traditional plan, short term health insurance is a great, inexpensive, temporary solution (up to 3 years) for someone that thinks they may have to forego coverage due to job loss or some other lapse in coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can short term coverage become effective?

Short term medical coverage in Arizona can begin as soon as the day after your application is submitted. You can also select a later effective date if desired.

How long can short term coverage last?

In Arizona, short term health insurance plans can last up to 364 days and then be renewed twice, for a total of 3 years coverage. Click here to read the state of Arizona’s consumer guide to short term limited duration health insurance plans.

Do short term health plans cover maternity coverage?

No, maternity coverage is not included with a temporary health insurance plan in Arizona. If you are currently pregnant or need maternity coverage in the near future, an Obamacare marketplace plan will be a better option for you.

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