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The OneShare health care sharing ministry plans are a comprehensive healthcare solution. These plans are ACA exempt and may be the perfect replacement for the ObamaCare health insurance plan you are on now. They are are less expensive than ObamaCare Marketplace plans and they give you access to the doctors of your own choosing.

What is a health care sharing ministry plan?

A health care sharing ministry plan is a type of health coverage that operates on a cooperative basis among members who share common ethical or religious beliefs. Unlike traditional health insurance, where premiums are paid to an insurance company, members of health care sharing ministries contribute funds to a common pool to help cover each other’s medical expenses. More information about these types of plans can be found here. These plans are becoming very popular all across the country.

Health care sharing ministry plans have limitations and exclusions regarding coverage for certain medical services, pre-existing conditions, lifestyle choices, and other factors. It’s important for members to understand these limitations and carefully review the terms of the plan. Unlike other health care sharing ministry plans, OneShare will cover pre-existing conditions after your plan has been active for 24 months. However, OneShare is not a good choice if you have had certain cancers in the past.

It’s important to note that a health care sharing ministry plan is not insurance in the traditional sense. While it can provide financial assistance for eligible medical expenses, it does not offer the same guarantees, coverage levels, or regulatory protections as traditional health insurance. After several years of representing OneShare and competing health care sharing ministry plans, we feel that OneShare offers the best options and is among the safest choices in these types of plans.

Are these plans subject to the ObamaCare Open Enroillment dates?

These health care sharing ministry plans are not subject to ObamaCare Open Enrollment dates, so you could purchase one of these plans any time during the year. The OneShare plans use the First Health PPO network of medical providers nationwide — you can search the network here but you can actually use ANY provider of your own choosing. This is one of America’s largest PPO networks. If you want a very well-priced comprehensive health plan with access to over 1,000,000 providers all across the USA, this may be the plan you’ve been waiting for.

With the comprehensive Classic Crown plan, you get an annual ‘deductible’ of $5,000, $7,500 or $10,000. They don’t call the it a ‘deductible’, they call it ISA, for Individual Sharing Amount.

The lifetime maximum they will pay for your medical bills is $1,000,000. For hospitalizations, you’d pay your ISA annually and then OneShare pays the rest. Preventive visits cost you nothing after you’ve been on the plan for 180 days. On the Classic Crown health care sharing ministry plan, from day one, doctor visits cost $40, specialist visits cost $75. Emergency room visits cost $500, urgent care costs $75.

OneShare Health is a faith-based organization that does not limit applicants to any specific religion. Members must agree with OneShare’s Statement of Beliefs which says you believe in God, that you believe your personal rights and liberties come from God, that you believe it is a spiritual duty to help your fellow man, that you should maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that you have a fundamental right to direct your own healthcare in consultation with the doctors and advisors of your own choosing.

Call us from anywhere in Arizona at (800) 600-9663, or go here for more information or to apply for a plan. To download the OneShare brochure, click here. OneShare charges a one-time application fee of $125, most of which they give to various charities and ministries. To get rates for other Arizona health plan options, fill out our small form here.