Travel Health InsuranceHealth insurance coverage for international travelers

If you plan on traveling outside of the USA, your existing health insurance plan may not provide any coverage. You will likely need a travel insurance plan that will cover you while outside of the United States.

Travel plans are worth their weight in gold if you become sick or injured while traveling in a foreign country.

Travel plans can cover emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, emergency medical reunion, return of children, return of mortal remains, and of course hospital and doctor charges for illnesses and injuries. Coverage is available for people of all ages including over the age of 65.

Pay for what you need.

You can purchase a plan for a specific number of days. For example, if you’re going to be traveling for 21 days, you can get a plan that will cover you for those 21 days only. You can select your coverage amount and deductible.

Get Rates for Travel Health Insurance

To see the cost for a plan — no matter where in the USA you live, click the blue button above or below. From there, you can view rates and apply for a plan. The entire process takes about five minutes. You’ll immediately receive your policy certificate and ID cards and you could leave as soon as tomorrow for your trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a high deductible bad?

Deductibles aren’t bad or good, per se. It just depends on your financial situation. While you may have copays for simple things like regular visits to your doctor and to urgent care, outside of those regular visits, you’ll have to meet your deductible before major coverage kicks in. One thing is for sure: high deductible health insurance is typically cheaper since you’re covering a larger amount of your medical expenses.

How long does it take to get health insurance?

After you’ve selected a plan and submitted an application, some carriers will issue a policy as quickly as the next day. Others may make you wait until the first of the next month.

Why should I use a broker or agent for my health insurance instead of going direct?

Brokers, or agents (technically, in Arizona, they’re called “producers”) usually represent a number of companies and have years of knowledge of those companies. Brokers can provide a thorough analysis of each insurance company. Also, you’ll want numerous quotes when shopping around. Lastly, it’s a good idea to have an extra person in your corner should you need help with anything related to your policy. While you’ll often deal with the insurance company directly, occasionally you may need assistance.

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