Direct Primary Care doctors in Tucson, AZ

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an increasingly popular model of delivering healthcare in which the patient has a direct contract with their primary care doctor. Patients typically pay a flat fee in exchange for a broad range of services from their doctor.

Since the patient is paying their doctor directly, there is no insurance company involved and no claims to be filed. Health insurance coverage is still recommended for care that cannot be performed by a patient’s primary physician, such as emergency care, hospitalization, and specialty care. High deductible, catastrophic health insurance plans, and healthcare sharing plans are popular plans to pair with a DPC membership.

Pros of Direct Primary Care:

– Spend more time with your doctor.
DPC doctors spend less time on paperwork and administration and usually see less patients overall, giving them more time to spend with patients.

– Better access to your doctor
Many DPC doctors provide their cell phone number and/or email address to patients, as well as offer in-home visits and last-minute appointments.

– Lower costs
Transparent and affordable costs for primary care services without involving insurance companies. Some offices also offer generic prescriptions at discounted rates.

“Can I pay for a DPC membership with Health Savings Account (HSA) funds?”
Health Savings Account-compatible health plans (HDHP) are a popular type of health insurance plan to pair with a DPC membership. You can’t use HSA funds to pay for your DPC membership, but you can use HSA money to pay for your out of pocket healthcare expenses paid to your DPC physician.

Tucson Direct Primary Care Physicians

The Tucson, Arizona area has a small but growing number of direct primary care doctors. Here is a list of available DPC doctors in Tucson – we will update this list as more options become available.

The Family Doctor
1670 N Kolb Road #146
Providers: Paul D. Kartchner, MD, MPH, and Moechia Reeves, MA
Individual membership:
Age 18-64: $100 per month
Age 65+: $125 per month
Child membership (with paying adult): $15 per month
Offering unlimited access to your personal physician, including doctor’s personal cell number, house visits, and discounted wholesale medications.
House calls are available in the service area defined by Sunrise to the north, Broadway to the south, Craycroft to the west, and Wentworth to the east.

Dr. Jatoi Direct Primary Care
Providers: Dr. Mansoor Jatoi, DO
Individual membership: $130 per month
Couple membership: $230 per month
Child membership: Not available – Dr. Jatoi is an internist who specializes in patients age 18 or older.
Membership includes unlimited home visits, email and cellphone access to Dr. Jatoi.
House calls are available at no charge in the service area within 10 miles from Oro Valley (Oracle / 1st Ave) or Tucson Medical Center.

Marquis Family Medicine
5431 N. Oracle Rd. Suite 151
Providers: Amanda Marquis, M.D.
Individual membership:
Young adult 18-29: $50 per month
Adult 30-64: $100 per month
Adult 65+: $125 per month
Child membership: $25 per month
Family membership: 2 adults, 2 kids: $200 per month. Additional kids: $25 each
Providing comprehensive healthcare as well as aesthetic medicine and weight loss/management services.

Ohana Direct Primary Care
6632 E Carondelet Drive
Providers: Jessica Ganz MSN, FNP-C, Cassandra Amarillas MSN, FNP-C
Individual membership: $75 per month
Couple membership: $135 per month
Family membership: $150-$200+ per month
Membership includes unlimited primary care and urgent care services and discounted wholesale medications.

Rincon Health Direct Primary Care
6979 E Broadway Blvd, Suite 115
Providers: Mandy DeMeritt, FNP
Individual membership: $75 per month
Couple membership: $$135 per month
Family membership: $150 up to 4 members, additional members $30 per month
Areas served for home visits: South of Irvington, East of Houghton, North of 1-10, including Saguaro Trails, Rita Ranch, Vail, and Corona de Tucson.

Dr. Singh Direct Primary Care
Providers: Dr. Jaspreet Singh, DO
Individual membership: $75 per month
Child membership: Not available – specializing in patients 19 years of age and older
Easily accessible, and highly personalized health care.

Sunrise Family Medicine
3914 N Campbell Ave
Providers: Dr. Tuan Vo, DO, MPH
Individual membership:
Age 18-64: $90 per month
Age 65+: $110 per month
Couple membership:
Age 18-64: $170 per month. Age 65+: $200 per month
Family membership: $190+
Comprehensive Osteopathic family medicine care for children, adults, and the elderly.

Thrive Life Center
1102 W Ina Rd
Providers: Dr. Patricia Petralba, M.D.
Pricing: Based on fee per visit. Adults: $450 first time patient, $250 follow-up patient. View detailed pricing info.
A holistic approach to health in a compassionate, homey and comfortable environment. Also offering HypnoBirthing classes.

Tree of Life Clinic
2802 North Alvernon Way, Suite 300
Providers: Autumn Stevenson, MD, IBCLC, PMH-C
Individual membership:
Age 0-25: $25 per month
Age 26-39: $50 per month
Age 40-55: $75 per month
Age 56-64: $100 per month
Age 65+: $125 per month
Specializing in lifestyle management of chronic diseases and compassionate care for a variety of conditions. House calls are available to all members within the service area.

Arizona Health Insurance options for DPC patients

Need individual health insurance for you or your family? A Direct Primary Care office usually does not accept insurance, but it is still important to carry health insurance to cover you for catastrophic events such as cancer, an emergency, or hospitalization. If you’d like to discuss your options, give us a call at 520-760-0392 or fill out our online form and we will get back to you right away. We’ve been helping individuals and families in Tucson, Phoenix, and all of Arizona find the right health insurance plan since 1988.

Author: Chad Lehrman
Arizona health insurance broker for individuals & families. Click here to schedule a call with me.