There is great news today for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona policy holders. You can keep your Arizona Blue Cross Blue Shield Policy! Early this week, Arizona Blue Cross mailed letters to their policy holders informing them they will not be forced into purchasing a 2014 ObamaCare policy until January 1, 2015. That allows them an entire year before they will be required to, in most cases, pay a lot more for their monthly premium.

The letter says:

“To allow you to keep your plan longer, your plan effective date has been changed to December 31, 2013. That means you can keep your plan through December 31, 2014, AND YOUR RATE WILL NOT INCREASE. No action is needed on your part — you don’t need to do anything to stay on your current plan.”

It's been decided - if you like your Arizona Blue Cross policy you CAN keep it. Arizona Blue Cross Blue Shield

If Lehrman Group’s Blue Cross clients WANT to purchase a 2014 ObamaCare plan (affordable Care Act plan), they may, but they won’t be FORCED to do that for at least another year. For some Arizona Blue Cross policy holders, moving to a 2014 plan as soon as possible is a smart idea – some of our clients are actually saving money by switching from their existing Arizona Blue Cross plan to one of the new 2014 Arizona Blue Cross plans. If you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona plan and had certain pre-existing conditions when you applied for that policy, Blue Cross may have rated you up (charged you more than the ‘street rate’) when your policy went into force. We are seeing that, in many cases, moving to a 2014 plan actually costs less per month.

But if you like your current Blue Cross policy and it was not rated up, you’ll probably want to stay on your current plan as long as possible. Call us at (800) 600-9663, extension 11, and we’ll tell you which move would be your smartest choice. If you want to see what a new Arizona health insurance plan would cost you, visit our quote request page located here

Author: Tony Lehrman
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