The death spiral has begun. Now that two full years of ObamaCare are past, the health insurance companies are discovering they are losing millions and millions of dollars, just like they knew they would.

ANYONE can get a health insurance policy now, regardless of the fact they may need a heart transplant in a month. The health insurance companies are required to accept everyone who applies, and to cover all pre-existing conditions immediately. How in the world did anyone, let alone Mr Obama, think the health insurance companies would NOT lose money? Our professional opinion is this: Mr Obama KNEW that ALL health insurance companies would lose many millions of dollars annually. He knew the insurance companies would be forced to raise their premium rates to a ridiculous and absurdly high level. He knows that, soon down the road, Americans will say “these rate are CRAZY – give us nationalized health insurance! Let our taxes pay for it!”

We feel what is going on today with ObamaCare in the USA is all part of his plan to usher in socialized medicine. Stay tuned… United HealthCare may quit ObamaCare.

Author: Tony Lehrman
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