President Biden recently created a special open enrollment period for Americans interested in purchasing an ACA plan (aka Obamacare) plan in Arizona. The special enrollment period also provides for considerably higher tax credits, making the monthly out-of-pocket costs for the plan relatively low.

For example, a Lehrman Group agent recently sold a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona ACA policy to a 56 year old female. Before the new special enrollment period, her monthly premium was $1,215 and due to the level of her income, she was not entitled to a tax credit. Under the new Biden initiatives, her monthly premium is now just $71. That’s an $1,144 subsidy toward the monthly premium. We have another client that’s 20 years old whose monthly premium went from $295 to just $7.15 after our assistance with applying the new tax credit.

If you’ve hesitated to seek coverage via an Affordable Care Act plan due to high premiums, now is a good time to take advantage of historically low rates.

We’ll be able to tell you over the phone how much of your monthly premium will be paid for you. Call us from anywhere in Arizona at (800) 600-9663, and we will tell you what your monthly premium responsibility would be. Even if you don’t currently have an ACA plan, we can assist with obtaining the tax credits if you qualify and apply for a plan for you.

If you already have an ACA plan, you still may qualify for the tax credit, which we can assist with. You can also get a different plan at this time if you want to, but you don’t have to change anything if you simply want the new higher tax credit.

Call us at (800) 600-9663, or go here and fill out the small form — we’ll email you rates for all of the plans that are available to you.


Author: Tony Lehrman
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