Want a health insurance plan for 2017 that let’s you use the Mayo Clinic and doctors of your own choosing?

If you have at least one employee (other than yourself and can’t be your spouse), we can get you a PPO health insurance plan that will let you visit the medical providers of your choice, including the Mayo Clinic here in Scottsdale, Arizona. The second employee CAN be your child if age 18 or older. Part-time employees will qualify you, too, as will 1099 employees.
Self-Employed Arizona small GROUP health insurance
In 2017, the individual (non-employer group) ObamaCare plans are all HMO plans with very limited choices of medical providers available. If you purchase a non-group ObamaCare plans for next year, you will probably not be able to continue using your doctors or even the hospitals you want. There are definitely no individual or family health insurance plans available in Arizona in 2017 that will give you access to the Mayo Clinic. A group plan can give you access to the Mayo and to almost all other medical providers of your choosing.

If you are lucky enough to live in Arizona and be self-employed with at least one employee, call us at (623) 455-6997, ext 19. We’ll show you health insurance options that are not available to people that are not self-employed. You may also request rate quotes for employer-group health insurance plans by visiting our rate request web page located here.

With offices in Phoenix and Tucson, Lehrman Group serves the health insurance needs of small and large employers, governments, municipalities, institutional clients, individuals and families in Arizona. Founded in 1988 and online longer than Google, we are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ rating.

Author: Tony Lehrman
Founded by Tony Lehrman in 1988, Lehrman Group serves the health insurance needs of individuals and families, small and large businesses, franchises, governments, municipalities and institutional clients throughout Arizona. Lehrman Group maintains leadership positions in the Arizona health insurance marketplace.