Due to the 2017 ObamaCare policy choices available here in Arizona — especially in Phoenix and Tucson — people are just discovering what we’ve been saying for many month now. You will probably lose your current doctors beginning January 1, 2017 because Health Net/Ambetter is the only Marketplace ObamaCare health insurance company offering plans. Odds are very high that your current doctors don’t take the Health Net/Ambetter plans. This is not Health Net/Ambetter’s fault; it’s your doctor’s conscious choice to not be on these plans.

If you want to be able to keep your current doctors and other medical providers, there is a health insurance plan that your providers probably DO take. If your providers are in the First Health Network of medical providers, a Lloyd’s of London 11-month plan might be perfect for you. It’s not perfect for everyone, but it may be just what ‘the doctor ordered’ for you.
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You can see ANY doctor and use ANY hospital in Arizona and the entire USA. You do not have to use the network that comes with the plan, but if you do, your providers will bill the insurance company for you. The network is GIGANTIC — it’s the First Health group of networks. You can look up providers by going here. If you use out of network providers, however, you may be responsible for balance billing.

The Lloyd’s of London plan is like the old Blue Cross plans were before ObamaCare was passed. You don’t get coverage for pre-existing conditions, you don’t get free annual exams, and the policy will pay $1,000,000 in benefits instead of unlimited benefits.

The plan lasts 11 months, and when it expires, it’s gone. President Obama does not like this policy because it will not cover pre-existing conditions so his administration would try to penalize you. However, the text of the Affordable Care Act is very clear in stating that taxpayers who don’t pay their ACA penalty are not subject to levies, liens, or criminal penalties – see https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/26/5000A. All of this will be moot anyway when President Trump ends ObamaCare and its mandate that you must have a plan that Obama likes. Trump said the first thing he would do upon taking office is kill the mandate requiring Americans to buy health insurance – that will immediately end the penalty.

If you have pre-existing conditions that you want to be sure will be a covered benefit, this is not the plan for you. There are no health questions asked on the application, so you would be accepted regardless of what pre-existing conditions you have.

Click here to download the brochure and see your monthly rates. Click here to download a copy of the actual policy certificate.

Call us from anywhere in Arizona at (800) 600-9663. Ask for extension 1, and we’ll give you more information. We can take your application right over the phone. You can also go here to apply online. It takes about five minutes.

Author: Tony Lehrman
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