• Looking for an Arizona Health Insurance Broker in Phoenix?

    If you’re seeking a health insurance broker in Phoenix, AZ, you’re likely navigating a sea of options to find the best fit for your needs. Whether you’re an individual looking for personal coverage or a business owner in search of group health plans, finding the right health insurance broker can make all the difference in

    March 11, 2024
  • Can I get a health insurance plan in Arizona now that open enrollment is over?

    Yes, you can still get health insurance in Arizona even though the open enrollment period has ended. While open enrollment is the primary period during which individuals can enroll in health insurance plans for the upcoming year without needing a qualifying life event, there are still options available outside of this window. Here are some

    February 28, 2024
  • Short-Term Health Insurance in Arizona: An Overview

    With the conclusion of the 2024 ObamaCare Open Enrollment period on January 16th, short-term health insurance plans present a viable alternative for individuals in Arizona who may require temporary coverage, want a plan for a lower cost, or want to see the doctors of their own choosing. Here’s an overview of short-term health insurance and

    January 4, 2024
  • Why Choose Lehrman Group for Your 2024 ObamaCare Health Insurance Plan: A Smart Decision for Arizona Residents

    The 2024 ObamaCare Open Enrollment season is just around the corner, and as an Arizona resident seeking health insurance coverage, you have a vital decision to make. With countless options available, finding the right plan that meets your needs and budget can be a daunting task. However, there’s one name you can trust in the

    September 28, 2023
  • Want to hire the best candidates in Arizona? Offer them health insurance

    Providing your Arizona-based employees with a group health insurance plan is a strategic move that offers several advantages for both your business and your workforce. In a competitive business landscape, offering comprehensive health insurance can set you apart as an employer of choice, attracting and retaining top talent. Let’s delve into why offering a health

    August 26, 2023
  • How Arizona employers benefit by providing group health insurance

    Providing health insurance plans to your Arizona employees is a crucial step for several reasons. First, it demonstrates your genuine concern for their welfare. By offering health insurance, you’re showing that you prioritize their health and are invested in their overall well-being. Health insurance also plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy and productive

    August 13, 2023
  • Why should I give my Arizona employees health insurance?

    Providing health insurance to your employees can offer several advantages for both your business and your employees: Attract and retain top talent: Offering health insurance is an attractive benefit that can help you attract high-quality employees to your organization. In a competitive job market, health insurance can be a differentiating factor that sets your company

    June 13, 2023
  • What Health Savings Account Plans are Available in Arizona?

    A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a special savings account offered from a bank or financial institution that allows you to save money to pay for health expenses for you and your family on a tax-free basis. The government doesn’t allow you to open an HSA account unless you have a health insurance policy called

    May 18, 2023
  • Direct Primary Care doctors in Tucson, AZ

    Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an increasingly popular model of delivering healthcare in which the patient has a direct contract with their primary care doctor. Patients typically pay a flat fee in exchange for a broad range of services from their doctor. Since the patient is paying their doctor directly, there is no insurance company

    April 7, 2023
  • Losing AHCCCS/ Medicaid health coverage in Arizona? Here’s what to do now

    Enrollment in AHCCCS, Arizona’s Medicaid program for low income residents, is at an all-time high of more than 2 million members. 30% of Arizona residents are now enrolled. There are several reasons that enrollment in AHCCCS is at a record high, including COVID and loss of employment. However the biggest factor is that there is

    March 17, 2023