Arizonans — it’s time for high quality, low cost health insurance option.

Not all Arizona health insurance plans are ridiculously expensive IF you are healthy. If in the past five years you’ve never had heart disease or a stroke, or diabetes, or cancer and a few more, you’ll probably qualify for one of the new health insurance plans from United HealthCare. They have some new plans that they call short term plans — but they can actually last for three years. These are true health insurance plans, they are not discount plans or limited benefit plans.

arizona low cost health insurance option

The rates are very low compared to the Arizona ObamaCare plans. If you have pre-existing conditions that MUST be covered, you definitely should choose a Marketplace plan. But if you don’t have any real or serious pre-existing conditions, these new United HealthCare plans may be the perfect option for you.

For a Phoenix family of four (wife age 35, husband age 38, two children 9 and 7), the most popular Arizona ObamaCare Marketplace plan would cost $1447 per month. And that is for a policy with a total out of pocket annual financial risk to you of $15,500. With one of these new United HealthCare plans, the monthly cost would be just $530 for a plan with a family total out of pocket annual financial risk of only $5,000. The ObamaCare Marketplace plan is not accepted by most Arizona doctors or hospitals — these United HealthCare plans are accepted by just about every Arizona doctor and hospital.
If you think it’s time for a low cost health insurance option, call us at (623) 455-6997 or (800) 600-9663 and we can give your rates over the phone. Or go here and fill out the little form there. It will take you about two minutes. We will then email you rates for all of the Arizona health insurance plans that will work for you. Your privacy is assured — we do not sell or give your information to anyone or any organization.
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Author: Tony Lehrman
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