Do You Have Coronavirus Insurance Coverage?

As if getting the coronavirus isn’t bad enough, not having any insurance to pay the medical and hospital bills that could occur could financially ruin you. If you don’t have a health insurance policy, NOW is the time to get covered. You’ll need a policy in place BEFORE you get sick — if you try to apply for a plan after you get sick, no health insurance company would give you a policy.

United HealthCare offers a low cost plan that would pay your medical bills, but only if a plan were in force BEFORE you get sick.

The United HealthCare plans are medically underwritten. That means United HealthCare is allowed to turn you down for a policy if you have certain pre-existing health conditions like heart problems, diabetes, a history of cancer or stroke, and several more.

A typical plan for a 25-year-old living in Phoenix or Tucson costs around $90 per month. For a 50-year-old, the cost is around $200 per month. These plans cover just about all health problems — not just the coronavirus — like a heart attack, getting cancer, breaking a bone, and many more. These are true major medical health insurance plans, NOT discount plans.

Go to to request rates. We will send you an email with several low-cost options. Or call us from anywhere in Arizona at (800) 600-9663, extension 1 and we can help you over the phone.

Author: Tony Lehrman
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