Have you found that your doctor is no longer a provider for your ObamaCare health insurance plan? Do you own any kind of business here in Arizona?

ObamaCare’s “open enrollment” for 2016 is in full swing. Here in Arizona, the large majority of people who are calling us looking for an individual or family health insurance plan for 2016 have discovered their current health insurance plans are being cancelled and they can no longer buy ANY replacement health insurance plan in Arizona that will allow them to see their chosen doctors or go to the hospitals they wish. Their doctors and hospitals are not in ANY networks. None! That means they must start all over with new providers, period. If someone has cancer and has been under a certain doctor or hospital’s care for some time, that’s just too bad, according to ObamaCare. “Just go find another doctor” is the ObamaCare mantra.

ObamaCare Group Coverage Mandate

At Lehrman Group we are extremely dismayed by this, and we have had conversations with upset, irate clients and potential clients regarding this issue at least 25 times each day since ObamaCare’s open enrollment started on November 1. But we may have a solution for some of you.

If you own a business and have just one full-time employee who gets a W-2 at tax time and who is not a co-owner, you are qualified to get a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona employee group policy that utilizes the entire Blue Cross PPO network. This PPO network includes almost every doctor and hospital in Arizona, and also gives you access to Blue Cross PPO providers all across the United States. You will most likely be able to keep all of your current doctors and go to the hospitals of your own choosing.

If you think you’ll qualify, call us and we can give you rates for these Blue Cross PPO policies. Stop letting ObamaCare tell you that you can’t use the hospitals and doctors you want. Call us from anywhere in Arizona at (800) 600-9663 and press extension 11. Or complete our group health insurance quote request form here.

Author: Tony Lehrman
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