AZ ObamaCare Coverage

Are you having difficulty getting AZ ObamaCare coverage?

In the past two weeks we have received telephone calls from at least twenty people who were so stressed out trying to apply through for an ObamaCare health plan that they actually called us in tears.

The majority of these callers simply wanted to apply for a health insurance plan. Those caller that were able to successfully navigate through the tax credit questions at were then presented with a screen saying “pick a plan.” They clicked on “show me plans” and were presented with over 100 plan options.

Selling health insurance is all we do at Lehrman Group – it’s been our specialty since 1988. We represent every health insurance company that offers a plan to Arizona residents. When we are asked to provide someone with health insurance quotes for themselves or their families, we usually present no more than three different health insurance providers, and no more than two or three plans from any one provider. If we provide a total of 12 options to a potential client, we’ll spend a lot of time explaining the pros and cons of each of those plans to that person. That conversation might take more than an hour.

How is an Arizonan who logs into supposed to decipher over 100 plans choices and then enroll for the plan that he or she thinks is their best choice? Most are telling us they are simply choosing the plan with the lowest monthly premium cost. We happen to know that the lowest priced health insurance plan available to Arizona residents enrolling through is from a large national insurance company with extremely few providers in Arizona. In Maricopa county, less than 200 physicians will accept that plan – but there are many THOUSANDS of medical doctors in Maricopa county. If you purchase a plan from that insurance carrier, it will be too late when you find that your doctor – and the doctors he or she would want to refer you to – are no longer accessible to you. And in most cases, the most expensive plan is absolutely not the right plan for you. In fact, here at Lehrman Group, we have only seen one occurrence where the most expensive plan would be someone’s best choice.

Buying a health insurance policy is something that requires many pieces of information. For example, do you travel out of state often? Are you pregnant? Does your doctor accept the plan? Are you willing to front some of your medical bills to limit your annual financial exposure to medical bills or do you insist on being able to see a doctor and only pay $30 for the visit? Do you currently take prescriptions? If so, are they generic or brand name drugs?

Based upon your answers to these questions – and more – we would explain the smartest options available to you and help you select the plan that would work best for you. And at Lehrman Group, we do all of the work for you. We’ll enter your tax credit information at to get you any tax credits and cost sharing subsidies you may be entitled to, and file your application with whichever health insurance company you select.

If you’re looking for AZ ObamaCare coverage, call us from anywhere in Arizona at (800) 600-9663. We can take your information right over the telephone. To get a health insurance premium quote emailed to you, visit our quote request page here.

Author: Tony Lehrman
Founded by Tony Lehrman in 1988, Lehrman Group serves the health insurance needs of individuals and families, small and large businesses, franchises, governments, municipalities and institutional clients throughout Arizona. Lehrman Group maintains leadership positions in the Arizona health insurance marketplace.