The health care law, ACA (or Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare), requires you to have a health insurance plan in place by January 1, 2014.

You may have heard about the ObamaCare penalty for not having an acceptable health insurance policy in place by then. It’s been said that the penalty (for the year 2014) is only $95. The real truth is this: $95 is the MINIMUM penalty you may have to pay. The ACTUAL penalty is $95 OR one percent of your income, WHICHEVER IS GREATER.

If your income is $100,000 during 2014, your REAL penalty will be $1,000. And the penalty gets higher every year:

At this moment (2 PM Arizona time, October 23, 2013), Congress is talking about delaying the mandate that you must be insured on January 1, 2014. Now they are saying you might be able to wait until March 1 to get an Arizona ObamaCare health insurance policy before you’ll be subject to the penalty. This potential delay is due to the fact that the ObamaCare websites are not working — how can they penalize you if you can’t actually get a policy?

Stay tuned – we’ll let you know how that debate progresses.

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Author: Tony Lehrman
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