The next open enrollment period for Arizona residents wanting to purchase a health insurance policy begins on November 15, 2014 and ends on February 15, 2015. Lehrman Group will be offering plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Assurant, Health Net, Meritus and all of the other major health insurance companies that market their plans here in Arizona.

United HealthCare did not offer plans to Arizona individuals during 2014. We hope they will be marketing plans here come November 15th. We will make an announcement regarding United HealthCare as soon as United HealthCare decides what they will be doing in Arizona this next open enrollment period.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona is, by far, the state’s largest and most popular health insurance company. Almost every doctor and hospital in Arizona accepts the Blue Cross plans, but the Scottsdale Mayo Clinic is not in the Arizona Blue Cross network. If you require the Mayo Clinic and its doctors, Assurant lets you use the Mayo Clinic and its doctors with in-network benefits.

The new Arizona 2015 plans will surely be quite expensive, but the US Government may help pay a lot of your monthly premium. You can qualify for tax credits to help pay your monthly premiums even if you make a nice income – it all depends upon the number of people in your household and how much money you’ll make during 2015. Many people find that their tax credits pay about half of their monthly premium. If your monthly premium amount is $800 and the government gives you a monthly tax credit of $475, the bill that you’ll receive from your health insurance carrier each month will only be for $325.

For more information and policy plan details, contact a broker at Lehrman Group by calling (800) 600-9663. Or complete the small form located here and we’ll email rates to you.

(Arizona ObamaCare Open Enrollment For 2014-2015)

Author: Tony Lehrman
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