For most people, February 15 was the last to apply for an ObamaCare health insurance policy if you wanted to get the government’s help to pay for your monthly health insurance premium. However, there are several “life events,” sanctioned by the US government, that will allow you to apply for an Arizona health insurance plan at any time during the year. Some of those events include getting married, losing your employer-provided health insurance, losing your COBRA coverage, getting a divorce, moving to a new area outside of your plan’s service area, and a few more. But if you do not have one of the “life events,” all is not lost — read on!

If you live in certain Arizona counties — among them Maricopa county, Pima county and most others — you can get a very good health insurance policy at any time during the year even without the government’s sanctioned events. Meritus, a newcomer to the Arizona health insurance scene with headquarters in Tempe, offers very good and moderately priced health insurance plans that include both PPO and HMO plans. Some of their plans have high deductibles that will save you money on your monthly premium costs, yet low out-of-pocket costs for out-patient surgeries, maternity, doctor visits, prescriptions and medical tests. As of last November, their Arizona PPO network of providers contained over 10,000 physicians and 50 hospitals. The HMO network includes 5,800 physicians and 33 hospitals.

If you don’t have a sanctioned life event, you won’t be able to get the government’s tax credits to help pay your premium, but you can still get a very good health insurance policy. If you live in Arizona or are moving here, call a Lehrman Group health insurance broker at (800) 600-9663. We can give you information and take your application right over the telephone.

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Author: Tony Lehrman
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