The right Arizona group health insurance plan can help you retain employees

We recently met with an Arizona employer who had 60 employees. He gave his employees the lowest-priced plan he could find. The group health insurance plan was provided by a major Arizona group health insurance provider but it had a high deductible and a very small network. Like most Arizona employers, he thought this was the best way he could reduce his monthly cost. Those employees detested the group insurance that he provided for them and he knew that. He considered dropping the health insurance plan altogether and making his employees go to the ObamaCare Health Insurance Marketplace Exchange on their own.

This employer forgot one thing — employee benefits are for the benefit of the employees. If they do not like it, it is not a benefit. The employees complain and gripe among themselves and office morale drops. We showed him a plan that cost just a tad more than what he was paying. However, benefits that his employees wanted were included in the new plan: a larger, more employee-favorable network and the plan included doctor office copays so his employees could actually USE the plan.This employer now has 72 employees here in Arizona and credits his concern for his employees as a factor in his company’s growth.
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Another big plus was that the new plan was in an “employer pooled group” that allowed him to participate in formulating the benefits and reviewing the plan every 90 days. In these reviews he has a voice in how the plan is run. He is in that pool with other owners of small businesses like his own. At his first review he found out that his group was not taking advantage of things that keep costs down. His group’s utilization of name brand drugs was driving his cost up. A little known fact is that drug cost is one of the major factors in medical care cost increases. Lehrman Group assisted in an education process regarding generic drugs and “pharmacy by mail.” These educational meetings are important in the process of reducing his costs and is saving his employees real money. There were other items that came out of his first review of the plan. Tele-med, emergency room costs, and the big advantages of health savings accounts were discussed.

If you own a small or large business in Arizona, or you have a company based outside of Arizona but you have employees that are located here, we can help. To get rate quotes for your employee group, click here or call us from anywhere at (800) 600-9663, ext 19. We’ll provide you with rates for all available options and make sure you and your Arizona employees end up with the best Arizona group health insurance plan for both them and for you.

Author: Tony Lehrman
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