Do you have 25 or more employees? Do you want to save money on your employee’s health insurance benefits? Have you ever heard of ASSOCIATION PLANS? Did you know that in Arizona you can join a MEDICAL INSURANCE POOL?
Arizona small GROUP health insurance
This concept and their plans make sense. Here’s why;

    1. Combining groups lowers administrative costs which translates into lower cost of coverage for your group. A 20 man employee group buys like a 3000 man group;
    2. Four tier composite rates making it easier to predict future costs. You’ll be able to keep rates stable with our risk tiering system;
    3. Our self-funding mechanism helps to keep costs low while helping to eliminate some of the fees and taxes required of fully insured plans;
    4. All employer groups have a voice in cost control and renewal changes through quarterly meetings;
    5. Groups in similar industries are combined resulting in better cost control over time.

Why NOT participate in an ARIZONA INDUSTRY GROUP HEALTH INSURANCE POOL? You are missing out if you do not look closely at this program.

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Author: Tony Lehrman
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