Special Alert for all owners and/or managers of Arizona businesses with five or more employees offering group health insurance: this includes retail, wholesale, manufacturers, service and especially the construction industry. While there are a number of insurance companies available, your choices are still very limited.

Why don’t you get a group health insurance plan that YOU control? A plan where YOU select the benefits. A plan that can and will save you money. Sound too good to be true? This time it is true. If you have a group health insurance plan now from any insurance company, we can show you a side by side comparison on how you can truly improve your benefits and save you and your employee’s money.
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Here are a few highlights of what we offer. You can have your own choice of hospital and doctor networks that will fit where you live and work. The plan is written with the approval of the IRS under section 105 of the tax code. You, Mr. or Mrs. Employer, can create employee-classes and give each class a different level of benefits without discrimination.

Your plan will have lower monthly fixed costs — which helps your cash flow — and a set of benefits that will be better than your current group health insurance plan. Your plan can have everything in it with benefits from the platinum level to a MEC (Medical Essential Coverage) all wrapped up in one.

What we are taking about is Partially Self Insured group health insurance plan. The self-insured part is shared between your employee and you. You set the exposure amount. Normally it is about $5000 and both of you will know your maximum exposure going in. Once the self-insured part has been reached, an A rated insurance carrier pays 100% thereafter. The plan is written in conjunction with a MERP [Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan] under the tax code 105. We have written hundreds of these plans and all doing what they are supposed to do.

With this plan, you will receive monthly reports on how your plan is working. You can make changes to your plan when you need to and not wait until the plan anniversary. Also, a big plus is that we do all of the paperwork and record keeping. That is what we get paid to do.

We want to show you how this will work for you. As mentioned above, we will provide you with a free side-by-side illustration so you can see how this will work for you. As someone once said “What do you have to lose?” Take a look.

With businesses in Arizona opening back up very soon, why not start saving real money with a customized group health insurance plan? It will be the plan the way you want it.

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Author: Tony Lehrman
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