In case you have not heard, both Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and Health Net are cancelling the ObamaCare health insurance policies of customers living anywhere in Maricopa and Pinal counties. We have a low cost option for you to replace your policy if you will be affected by these cancellations. It’s also a great option to get you covered until the next Open Enrollment begins in November.
arizona blue cross cancelling policies
Lehrman Group represents an insurance company that offers a policy underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. You can select a deductible from as low as $100 to as high as $5,000. Once you meet your chosen deductible, the insurance company will pay 100% of the remainder of your eligible medical bills. There are NO copays for you to have to pay.

The policy is very inexpensive compared to any ObamaCare policy. This is because this plan won’t pay for any pre-existing conditions that you sought care for (or should have sought care for) during the previous 12 months. The monthly premium rates for a plan with a deductible of only $500 is just $397 for a 50-year-old. The same plan for a 35-year-old is just $247 per month. A 45-year-old can get a plan with a deductible of just $100 for $352 per month.

This is a short term policy that will last 11 months. Because it is not an Obama approved policy, you may be fined by the US government for not having a plan that the government insists you have that would cost at least three times as much per month. Call us and we can tell you how much, if any, your penalty could be.

Normally, the cost of this plan, added to the cost of the penalty, is much less than the cost for an ObamaCare policy, AND this plan has much less out-of-pocket cost to you if you end up very sick. For example, if you purchase this policy with a deductible of $250, that $250 is all you would pay during the 11 months of the policy. If you had a heart attack and were hospitalized, you’d only pay $250 and the insurance company would pay the rest. If you had the most expensive Blue Cross ObamaCare policy available to a Maricopa county resident and you were 40 years old, you would pay Blue Cross $407 per month and if you got real sick, you would have out-of-pocket costs of $5,500 during the policy term. This Lloyd’s of London plan could save you a lot of money!

This major medical health insurance plan could go in effect at midnight tonight, and would last 11 months if you desired. You can see all of the details and monthly premium rates for this Lloyd’s of London plan by downloading this brochure.

After reading all the details, call us with your questions or to apply for the plan. We can take your application right over the phone. The phone number to call us from anywhere in Arizona is (800) 600-9663. You’ll want extension 1. You may also apply online for the plan by clicking here.

Author: Tony Lehrman
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