Do you own a small business in Arizona and want better provider access?

Arizona group health insurance provider networks are much bigger and more inclusive than the provider networks non-business owners are forced to select from.

As a business owner, you have much better options than non-business owners when it comes to medical provider access. If provider access is important to you and if you have at least one full-time employee, you should look into getting an Arizona GROUP health insurance plan. Group plans will give you GREAT provider access that is not available to Arizonans with individual and family plans.

Because of the huge financial losses the health insurance companies are experiencing due to ObamaCare, some major health insurance firms, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and Health Net, will not offer individual or family plans in Maricopa or Pinal county for the 2017 policy year. The very few companies that will continue to offer plans will have quite small provider networks and your doctors will probably not be available to you any longer.
Get Arizona Employer Group Health Insurance
When you purchase a group health insurance plan in Arizona, you have the option of choosing a PPO plan that will give you access to just about all medical providers. All of the individual and family health insurance plans available to Arizona residents are called HMO plans, and they all require you to use a very small network of providers. However, the PPO plans available to small business owners give you access to providers like it used to be before ObamaCare came into the picture.

Call us at (800) 600-9663 or (623) 455-6997. Or fill out our employer group rate request form here and we’ll get you rates for more provider-inclusive health insurance plans than you could get as an individual or family. Most Arizona group health insurance provider networks will give you access to all of the doctors and the hospitals you would want to use.

Lehrman Group has been marketing Arizona employer group health insurance plans statewide since 1988.

Author: Tony Lehrman
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