The details about what you’ll get for a 2017 ObamaCare plan are slowly being revealed. One thing is for sure and it’s TERRIBLE: if you thought the out-of-pocket exposure (meaning the most you could have to pay if you got really sick) for 2016 was high — and it is at $6,550 — it’s even higher for 2017.

2017 ObamaCare plans
In 2017, the health insurance plan the US government will require you to buy will “limit” your out of pocket expenses to $7,150. Seven thousand one hundred and fifty dollars! Is this the AFFORDABLE CARE we’ve all been told we were getting? In 2017, if you have a heart attack, or cancer, or break a femur or even have your appendix removed, you will probably incur, and HAVE TO PAY, bills that total $7,150. If you have a family on your policy, then TWO of you will have that $7,150 financial exposure.

So on top of making appalling and unsustainably high monthly premium payments, which will definitely be even higher than you are paying for your 2016 ObamaCare plan, you better put away $595.92 EACH MONTH in addition to those premium payments in case you end up hospitalized. That’s what you will HAVE to pay to satisfy your out of pocket “limit.” If you have a family on your health insurance plan, put twice that much away each month — that’s $1,191.83 EACH MONTH in addition to your monthly health insurance premium.

Also new for 2017 ObamaCare plans is an absurd change in emergency room costs YOU may have to pay. For the current 2016 policy year, with most plans you just pay a copay for an emergency room visit, usually around $400. For the 2017 ObamaCare plans, most plans will make you pay your deductible FIRST, before you get emergency room visits for that $400. What this means is that if you or a loved one goes to an emergency room, you could get a bill for up to your deductible amount! If your deductible is $6,650, which is what a Bronze plan deductible will be for the 2017 ObamaCare plans, you will have a very real probability of getting a bill for $6,650 from the hospital. In 2016 you’d pay just $400. In 2017 you pay $6,650.

And it’s sure to get worse and worse until Congress wakes up — if ever.

Author: Tony Lehrman
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