Since 1988, Lehrman Group has offered Arizona dental insurance plans to individuals and families in Arizona.

Some plans let you use any dentist. Other plans require you to choose from the insurance company’s dental provider network. Plans that let you use any dentist cost more than plans with network dental providers you are limited to. The plans with networks, such as Employers Dental Service, are a wise choice especially if you don’t already have a dentist. Some of these plans have no annual maximum benefit amount and no waiting period.

Below are several options for Arizona dental insurance plans…

Delta Dental

Delta Dental is the largest dental insurance provider in America and their network includes more than 150,000 dentists. Some of their plans, including the Copper Plan and Turquoise Plan, have no waiting periods. Some of the Delta Dental plans,  including the Mesquite, Saguaro, and Agave plans, have waiting periods for some types of treatment.

Delta also allows you to add good vision benefits for an additional $9.77 per month. The vision plan includes $10 annual exams and $130 towards frames/contacts. Their vision plan uses the EyeMed Access Network.

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Click Here to Search the Delta Dental Provider Network.

Employers Dental Services

This is a good plan to get if you currently do not have a dentist, or your dentist is in the EDS network, and you want to save significantly on dental procedures and routine maintenance. To apply for this plan, you must print the Employers Dental Services (EDS) Brochure & Application from the link below, complete, and submit by mail, fax, or email. Or call us and we can enroll you over the phone.

  • No deductible
  • No waiting periods
  • No annual maximum benefit
  • Must use network dentist


  • $18.36 for a single adult; $12.14 for a single child
  • $30.19 for an adult + 1
  • $39.27 for an adult + 2
  • $48.71 for an adult + 3 or more

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Click Here for Employers Dental Services (EDS) Brochure & Application

UnitedHealthOne Dental Plans

This is the plan to get if you have a dentist in the UnitedHealthOne network, or you have a dentist that is outside of the network. UnitedHealthOne’s Dental Premier plan option pays a higher benefit for Out-of-Network providers. You can apply for the UnitedHealthOne Dental Premier or Dental Value Plan using the link below.

Both plans feature:

  • $50 deductible for Basic and Major services
  • 6 month wait for Basic services
  • 12 month wait for Major services
  • $1,000 annual maximum benefit

Main Differences:

  1. Dental Premier pays a higher benefit for Out-of-Network Dentists
  2. Dental Value pays a lower benefit for Out-of-Network Dentists

See UnitedHealthOne Dental brochure for example of service cost difference


  • $48.17 for an individual (Dental Premier)
  • $95.38 for an individual + 1 (Dental Premier)
  • $168.60 for an individual + 2 or more (Dental Premier)
  • $35.38 for an individual (Dental Value)
  • $70.06 for an individual + 1 (Dental Value)
  • $123.84 for an individual + 2 or more (Dental Value)

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